Yes Man

Not the Liar Liar sequel it looks to be in the trailer, but close enough: Jim Carrey plays self-absorbed Carl Allen, who green-lights every bad decision in an effort to reinvent his sorry life. And, hey, it works! His first terrible decision — to give a homeless man all his money — turns out to be a stroke of good fortune, because Carl is rescued by perky, spontaneous Allison (Zooey Deschanel), who is a singer in an avant-rock band called Munchausen by Proxy and the instructor of a jogging photography class. How quirky! Theirs quickly blossoms into a romance defined by its random acts of wackiness, including a flight to Lincoln, Nebraska … because it’s there. Inevitably, Carl winds up in the stands of a Nebraska-Oklahoma football game, his body covered in red and white paint. See what saying “yes” to anything will get you? A 46-year-old frat boy. (See also: Will Ferrell.) After Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and even 2005’s Fun With Dick and Jane remake, Carrey seemed destined for far more grown-up roles. But Yes Man is nothing more than warmed-over holiday seconds, a repackaged best-of for those who already own the hits.

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