Would you like some sweet potato fries with that?

​Fries used to be an afterthought — the sidekick to hamburgers or hot dogs. And although you’re still likely to find a frozen bag of Sysco fries next to the deep-fat fryer in diners and casual-dining restaurants, french fries have become a serious selling point for burger chains. 

Endless french fries slowly coat your arteries at Red Robin, while Chick-fil-A offers waffle cut fries with a healthy sprinkling of salt and pepper. Sonic takes a cue from Napoleon Dynamite and features tater tots (Fat City’s promised office hours involving tater tots will be held in September; stay tuned). 

And now Slashfood is suggesting that the latest french fry movement at fast food restaurants will be…. sweet potato fries. Con Agra has decided to build a sweet potato processing plant in order to meet the growing demand from customers, including “the largest quick-service restaurant chains (i.e. fast food restaurants).” 

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