Worst Song Ever?

Back and forth across MySpace and Facebook this week has been this “is this the worst thing ever?” series of links and vids between Eric Melin of Scene-Stealers and Aaron Weber of Transbuddha. I present to you the three worst offenders. You judge as to which is the most horrible thing ever created.

Is it Brokencyde‘s auto-tuned crunk-core anthem “Freaxxx”?

Or do we go one step further with the screamo-meets-electronica of Confide, and their frighteningly awful Postal Service cover?

There’s also the genre-busting of I Set My Friends On Fire, who last year covered “Crank Dat.”

Brokencyde is the first band to be so universally reviled that there has been a concerted effort to have them kicked off the Warped Tour. Last year’s Warped Tour had Katy Perry.

Now, is it worse to be bad, to ruin a good song, or to cover an awful song and make it worse? Or are all three bands on this list examples of how “these kids today wouldn’t know good music if it bit them in the ass”? Discuss in the comments.

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