Woman who shot George Tiller in ’93 warns of more violence against abortion providers

This ought to bolster abortion rights advocates’ calls for federal authorities to step up their investigation of an alleged network of violent anti-abortion extremists.

The Associated Press reports that Shelley Shannon, the woman who shot and wounded George Tiller in 1993, has issued a warning of more violence against abortion providers in the wake of Scott Roeder‘s first-degree murder conviction for killing Tiller.

Shannon, a convicted abortion clinic arsonist, is locked up in Minnesota and sent the chilling e-mail from prison to anti-abortion activist Dave Leach. The AP received a copy, which reads, in part:

“Abortionists are killed because they are serial murderers of innocent

children who must be stopped, and they will continue to be stopped,

even though Scott didn’t get a fair trial,” she wrote. “May God bless

Scott for his faithfulness and brave actions and stand.”

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