Woman blames 18-year-old book for son’s suicide

KCTV Channel 5 is always trying to creep us out. This time, our live, late breaking, investigative friends say a woman is blaming her 23-year-old son’s suicide in 2007 on an 18-year-old book called Final Exit, which offers advice on offing yourself in painless ways (the book’s author, Derek Humphry, defends the book is for the terminally ill). The woman, Suzanne Torregrossa, told KCTV-5 that her son referenced the book in his suicide note, writing that he’d be filling his lungs with helium. Actually, it sounds like she’s blaming a 9-year-old updated version of the book, which adds using helium. This is, of course, is head for a possible class-action lawsuit.

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