Witness to Tiller killing says he saw suspect at church before

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One of the men who witnessed the assassination of George Tiller says he’d seen Scott P. Roeder, the man charged with Tiller’s murder, at the Reformation Lutheran Church before. WIBW talked with “Gary,” who said Roeder had attended services on the Sunday and Saturday night before Tiller’s killing. From WIBW:

Instead of

putting money in the collection basket, Gary said Roeder would put

random notes inside, one asking “do you believe in taxes?”

Sounds like Roeder was stalking Tiller.

Now, the members of Reformation Lutheran Church are trying to heal.

Here’s what else we know:

Scott Roeder was not a wealthy man. He had just $10 in a bank account. His last job with Quicksilver Airport Delivery paid him $1,100 a month. Rent and bills cost him $470 a month.

Roeder’s public defender, Steve Osburn, wants a judge to set bond for his client. A hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday. Also, didn’t realize that Roeder was living in an apartment near Westport.

Colorado abortion doctor Warren Hern talks about the threats he’s received. From the AP:

“They do write to me and say, ‘Don’t bother to wear a vest. We’re

going to go for a head shot,'” Hern said Wednesday, declining to say

whether he owns a bulletproof vest or discuss further security details

for fear of aiding would-be attackers.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann might want to ask their colleague Joe Scarborough what it’s like to defend someone accused of killing an abortion doctor. Scarborough once served as the pro-bono attorney for Michael Griffin, the first abortion-doctor murderer, who killed Dr. David Gunn in Pensacola, Florida in 1993. Our sister blogger at the Village Voice calls out Scarborough for not talking about Tiller given his history with Griffin.

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