Wisconsin babies only cost $6,000

I’m not sure what the market is for babies today, but it sounds like Denise Novotny got a steal of a deal on her daughter. In 2004, Novotny paid $6,000 to a Wisconsin couple for their baby girl. Buy low, I always say. And it beats messy childbirth (I hear you poop).

Now, mean ol’ prosecutors in Wisconsin are accusing 36-year-old Novotny (who’s from Clinton, Missouri) with felony child abduction and unauthorized adoption.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that Angela and David Schmidt “willingly sold their daughter” to Novotny, who had the Schmidts sign a birth contract. But Novotny never officially adopted the child or filed a birth certificate with the state. What do you want? She already paid $6,000 for the baby. This has to be about uncollected baby taxes. They always get you with hidden charges.

But here’s the deal on alleged baby-stealer Novotny. The state hasn’t asked for the baby back. And the Schmidts don’t want the baby back either. So who gets the baby? I smell a bidding war.

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