William Elliott Whitmore at the Bottleneck: better late than never

A foreword from the author: When you’re a writer, losing your computer is like losing a limb. While most people use health insurance to safeguard their arms and legs, I had no such protection on my laptop. Thus, it is with many apologies (and a healthy amount of embarrassment) that I give you an extremely tardy review of the William Elliott Whitmore show. Better late than never, right?

Lawrence was on fire Saturday night. (No, the Eldridge wasn’t burning down again.) An impressive host of musicians descended on Mass Street and rocked through the sweltering night. Kansas City’s own Katlyn Conroy helped the Sandbar celebrate its 21st birthday, and Soft Reeds and Be/Non turned on the heat at the Jackpot Saloon. At the center of it all, however, William Elliott Whitmore — a raspy-voiced purveyor of sexy blues and folk hailing from Iowa — brought the sweaty-faced, wide-eyed full house at the Bottleneck to its knees.

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