Why shouldn’t Mizzou share its SEC excitement with Kansas City?

Come July, it’s all over. Next summer, the University of Missouri embraces its Southern roots and leaves the Big 12 to play ball with Alabama, Auburn and LSU. SEC Commissioner Mike Slive swooped in like Rhett Butler and wooed the Tigers, who apparently don’t mind letting go of 120 years of border warfare. While the final battles on the basketball court haven’t been fought (February 4 and 25), Mizzou did win the last gridiron fight, beating the University of Kansas Jayhawks 24-10 and putting the final nail in Turner Gill’s KU coaching coffin.

The Jayhawks aren’t letting the Tigers go without a few parting shots. Highway commuters along the metro’s I-35 have spotted a series of KU-sponsored “We are KANSAS City” billboards, professing the Jayhawks’ love for the city (see above). It’s a juicy Rock Chalk f-you to the Tigers, courtesy of KU’s marketing department. It’s something the Tigers should have done, to shut up those who believe Mizzou’s move is tantamount to abandoning KC.

But don’t worry, Mizzou marketing department, we’ve got you covered. We offer three billboard slogans that Missouri could yet put up to shove it back in KU’s face.

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