Who makes the best cup of coffee in the city right now?

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  • Who are the contenders for your morning cup?

It’s a good time to be a beanophile in Kansas City. There are small roasters and a plethora of coffee shops and a calvacade of restaurants that have gone from just having their own blend to taking the coffee as seriously as their wine menus.

All of which means that your caffeine cravings don’t require your settling for a sludgy pot that has been sitting in a convenience store for several hours. You can have your fix and enjoy it, too. Parisi, Oddly Correct and Caribou have all had star turns in my pantry in the past few weeks, but this morning I was tapping the bottom of the Tupperware to free the last few beans and scrounge out one last cup of java. I’m tapped, and tomorrow will require coffee — so who has the best coffee in the city right now?

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