Who makes a terrific taco in Kansas City?

  • Flickr: Eric_I__E
  • Tacos…please.

Tacos, like hamburgers before them, have made the leap from roadside stand to white-tablecloth glory. And as a result, you’re usually not very far from a taco. Finding a great taco, however, still takes some effort and knowledge.

Czar Bar officially brought the Kansas City Taco Co. in-house last month. Mi Pueblito Meat Market (1311 Minnesota) has Nopalitos – pads of the prickly pear – tacos and In-a-Tub (enjoy Charles Ferruzza’s 2011 piece on the KC cult classic here) continues to lure unsuspecting Northlanders. But it’s Tuesday – the day when bars across the city slap together some ground beef and neon-yellow cheese and ask but a dollar for their troubles – so let’s find a good folded tortilla. Who makes a terrific taco in Kansas City?

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