Who is your dream culinary date?

  • Flickr: Blipsman
  • You. Bayless. A Private Garden. That’s magic, people.

At some point between the cookbooks and the television shows, we have elevated chefs to the level of rock stars and celebrities. And now for just $4,075 ($3,215 if you’re willing to share your hotel room with three other schlubs), you can have Rick Bayless (or a very talented sous chef) cook you a backyard dinner next summer…at his house.

Go Viva is offering the three-day package, which also includes a personalized chef’s coat, a four-course tasting menu and a peek inside the private testing kitchen at Topolobampo, and a tour of Bayless’ garden. While your hotel is part of the package, airfare is additional. Assuming you don’t have four-large to drop on a night with a chef but still want to dream big – who is your dream culinary date?

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