Who is serving the best french fries in Kansas City?

  • Flickr: Maureen Didde
  • The frites at Le Fou Frog would be a respectable choice.

Spuds. Taters. Call them what you want. Just please don’t call them freedom fries. Today, we’re going to settle the great potato debate. They can be crinkle cut, waffle cut, or hand cut. They can be double-fried or baked or not even made of potatoes (I’m looking at you, Urban Table’s polenta fries).

So shoestring, sticks or steak fries, they’re being put into the great fry-o-lator (which, for our purposes, shall be taken to mean a french fry calculator). Should you need some inspiration, I’ll offer up the Detroit Coney Food Truck (read about them here), L.C.’s and Haus (when they’re right). Now, you’re on your own in the comments. Who has the best french fries in Kansas City?

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