Who is Kurt Cobain’s grandpa?

​Our sister paper, The Seattle Weekly, recently posted a profile of Kurt Cobain‘s grandfather, Leland Cobain, who is the only member of the Cobain family that is willing to talk to the press. (It’s called “About A Grandson.”) In case you keep tabs on the revolving shitstorm of the Nirvana universe, Frances Bean Cobain just turned 18 last week — do you feel old yet? — and Courtney Love went on a Twitter rampage begging her to come home, since she is now legally of age. (Typical.) Here’s a strange peek into the life of Kurt Cobain that’s a little less tabloid-like.

Flavorwire has pulled 10 favorite facts from The Seattle Weekly‘s profile of Leland Cobain.

Here’s number one:

Leland Cobain has his famous grandson’s sky-blue eyes and wry smile. His salt-and-pepper hair is cropped short and his sturdy frame gives way to a round Buddha belly. At 86, the patriarch of the Cobain family is less ambulatory than he’d like, and his hearing is nearly shot. He spends his days inside a cluttered double-wide trailer in the small community of Montesano, roughly 10 miles east of Aberdeen, where Kurt grew up.

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