Whitesnake, last night at the Midland

  • Oh boy.

Whitesnake never truly fit into any category or era. The band formed in the wake of showy British rockers like Led Zeppelin and T. Rex, and its genesis in the late 1970s predated hair metal. With David Coverdale in front of a rotating cast of characters, the band trudged through the ’80s in a mist of dry ice and hit singles. The crowd that showed up to see Whitesnake at the Midland last night was similarly hard to pin down. Sure, the majority were 40-something dudes in black T-shirts next to 40-something chicks with outfits just a bit too sexy for the office. But there were also aging metalheads and curious teenagers who’ve seen YouTube videos of Tawny Kitaen rolling around on the hood of a Jaguar.

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