White Castle…the burgers Kansas City loves to hate

  • If you want a White Castle cheeseburger, drive to Columbia (or get them frozen at the supermarket).

Depending on which culinary calendar you’re looking at, National Hamburger Day is today. Or wait, is it actually December 21, as several other calendars claim? And don’t forget that National Cheeseburger Day is its own food holiday, celebrated on September 18.

So let’s honor National Hamburger Day by talking about the most famous burgers in Kansas City, found at Winstead’s, the Westport Flea Market, Blanc Burgers + Bottles, 12 Baltimore, BRGR. Or, on the flip side, the iconic burgers that used to be in Kansas City and can’t be found anymore: Earl’s Hamburgers on Linwood, the 24-hour Heriford Grill on Independence Avenue, and the local Smaks chain, although I never got the opportunity to try one of those.

And then there’s White Castle…

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