Where’s my Absolut Kansas City?

“Ah, San Diego…drink it in, it always goes down smooth,”Ron Burgundy, circa 1970.

While the essence of San Diego hasn’t yet been bottled — you’ll have to settle for a deep breath — Brooklyn is now available in bottle form. Absolut Vodka has collaborated with director Spike Lee to create a limited edition Absolut Brooklyn, which has red apple and ginger flavors (though I’d would have imagined it tasting of clove cigarettes and flannel — the preferred flavors of hipsters).

But this isn’t the hipster’s Brooklyn, it’s Spike Lee’s interpretation of his hometown. The label depicts a stoop and the front of a brownstone with the same number (165) as Lee’s childhood home in the Cobble Hill neighborhood. The original manufacturer of Absolut — Lars Olsson Smith, whose image appears on the seal of every bottle — is adorned with Lee’s trademark cap and glasses. 

Absolut Vodka chose the iconic New York borough as the fourth city in a series it launched in 2007; New Orleans, Los Angeles and Boston have previously been featured.

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