Where Is It? It’s Here!


This particular “Where Is It?” was almost too easy, but what the hell, here’s special thanks to commenters Bill and Andrea who made correct guesses. I had been craving a flaky Danish pastry from the venerable McLain’s Bakery at 7422 Wornall Road, and the window display was festive enough that I couldn’t resist the impulse to photograph it.

What do I like the most about McLain’s? Well, it smells like a bakery: a delectably sweet, yeasty fragrance. And it looks like an old-fashioned bakery, post World War II vintage, not unlike my favorite bake shop in my hometown, Taylor’s Bakery. I never leave Indianapolis without stopping into Taylor’s for a crisp white bag filled with pastries, which I polish off on the way to the airport.

I wish I could find other bakeries in the metro that are anything like these two timeless classics.

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