Where is it? It’s here!

Here’s the part of the vintage postcard that I cleverly cropped out of yesterday’s “Where is it?” post. Thanks to Fat City resident Karen Geary for the correct guess: King Joy Lo, which was one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kansas City when the photo for this postcard was taken in 1951. (I’m guessing the date based on the marquee of the Paramount Theater, which advertises Warpath as that week’s feature attraction).

King Joy Lo was still serving chop suey in the 1960s. Charles Ballew remembers going there as a teenager. “It was a breathtakingly beautiful dining room,” he tells me. “But you could only get to the restaurant by climbing these steel stairs — like a fire escape — on the exterior of the building. I guess the Rexall drug store on the first floor wouldn’t give them access. The food was very good and they served exotic dishes, like octopus. I remember looking at the menu and seeing that you could get a complete dinner for, like, $1.95.”

Today you can barely get an egg roll for that!


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