Where is it? It’s here!

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I was shocked — simply shocked, I tell you — that only two Fat City residents ventured a guess as to this location. One was correct, the other was semi-correct. Fred couldn’t decide whether the vintage postcard was of the old Tiffany’s Attic Dinner Playhouse or its sister location, the Waldo Astoria Theatre in Waldo, so he sort of guessed that it was either of them. In the culinary world, we call that waffling.

Madge, however, was right on the money. She knew right away the photograph was an early shot of the Tiffany’s Attic Dinner Playhouse and she even has touchingly nostalgic memories of the place: “the tiered seating … the old people falling down because they couldn’t see.” Not just old people, Madge — I tripped more than once on those steps to the buffet and I was in my 20s! (But not too sober — remember those Texas-sized cocktails?)

Tiffany’s Attic Dinner Playhouse, which opened in 1972, was an iconic venue in Kansas City for 18 years. It closed in 1990, shortly before its founders — Richard Carrothers and Dennis Hennessey — opened the New Theatre Restaurant in Overland Park. The food is vastly superior at the new place. And no fritters.

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