When the President dines business goes crazy

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Did you hear that the President of the United States went to New York over the weekend for a night on the town? Because he was the president and all, it was covered to death and pretty much every story also mentioned Blue Hill, where the first couple dined.

A visit by a president pretty much assures a restaurant of increased sales and popularity. The Daily Beast cites a Georgetown eatery named Citronelle which was on hard times until the Obamas ate there a month ago. Now it’s booked solid for the next two months.

Closer to home, Arthur Bryant’s still brags of its visit by President Jimmy Carter. To this day, if there is a candidate in town, chances are good you’ll meet them at 17th and Brooklyn. Bill Clinton and George Bush have stopped by and John McCain was spotted shaking barbecue-covered hands there.

Not that a visit from the commander-in-chief always guarantees success. Bill Clinton has practically eaten at more restaurants in Kansas City than I have, and it was only inevitable that some have disappeared, such as Eat at Joe’s which used to be at 79th and State Line.

After Bush became president, the first place he ate in Kansas City was at The Peppercorn Duck Club in August, 2001. Not exactly a retreat of the workingman, but hey, they do have a wonderful $42 steak.

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