When is noisy too noisy?

  • jaycross
  • Sometimes the sound of silence isn’t all that sweet.

Last week, we reported that the noise level of the new Louie’s Wine Dive was, perhaps, too excessively loud to even have a conversation with your dinner companions. But what the hell, no one ever said a dive was supposed to be a genteel place to enjoy a burger and a Burgundy. But can a dining room be too noisy to enjoy a dining experience? At what point does the loudness level cross over into being…obnoxious? And on the flip side of the equation: Is a soundless dining room – no music, no clatter, nothing – too much like eating in a morgue?

On this morning’s edition of KCUR 89.3’s Central Standard Friday I’ll be discussing the way that the aural quality of a room can make or break a meal with feedmekc.com’s Emily Farris, Ingram Magazine’s Christine Becicka and 405 South’s reviewer Gloria Gale – and the show’s listeners at 10 a.m. Feel free to join the radio conversation by calling 816-235-2888.

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