What’s the best pumpkin dish or drink you’ve recently had?

  • Flickr: Kam’s World
  • This is a field of soups, purees and pastas waiting to be harvested.

In the next two months, pumpkin will rival pork for the top spot on menus around town. New York Magazine has called pumpkin, “the new bacon.” I’m content to suggest that it’s once again fall and pumpkin is abundant, cheap and versatile.

O’Fallon’s pumpkin beer is back on shelves. Chaz on the Plaza makes a rich pumpkin bisque. The Westside Local has pumpkin hummus (they also feature toasted pumpkin seeds in a beet and mixed greens salad). And the Farmhouse has a pork duo over a pumpkin and pear puree. Shatto’s pumpkin spice egg nog and their original version hits store shelves November 1. What orange-tinted dish or drink have you been enjoying?

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