What’s the best marshmallow dish in Kansas City?

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  • Marshmallow crisps are now on all Parisi Cafe menus.

In the summertime, my body craves s’mores the way a runner craves salt in the midst of running a marathon. I think it’s the universe balancing out, ensuring that as someone else loses mass, I maintain mine. So with marshmallows leaving my brain gooey with desire, I turn to you, Fast Pitch readers, in search of sweetness.

Louie’s Wine Dive has a make-your-own s’mores plate (marshmallows on skewers with packaged graham crackers and Hershey bars) and Miami Ice has a s’mores mixer (vanilla ice cream with marshmallow, chocolate syrup and crumbled graham cracker). Parisi Cafe has marshmallow crisps with cacao nibs, which are the adult versions of Rice Krispie treats. What’s the best marshmallow dessert in the city?

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