What’s in season: Rutabagas

Winter is about root vegetables and one of the hidden gems is rutabagas. The cross between a cabbage and turnip — also known as a Swedish turnip — it’s slightly sweeter than a turnip with less water (which means it can sometimes be woody if not cooked properly). The flesh is yellowy-orange, so it can add nice color to an entree or side dish. 

Rutabaga season typically starts around October and lasts through the end of January. They’re one of the heartiest vegetables in the garden — meaning you can still get fresh-picked vegetables even this time of year. You want firm, racquet-ball sized rutabagas. If they’re soft or spotted, don’t take them. Use the same rule as lobsters: bigger usually means tougher.

Rutabagas are not hard to store — they should be among your kitchen staples because they can easily last a month in the fridge if you wrap them in plastic. 

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