What You Missed In Pitch Forks

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Fat City has a beautiful sibling of a dining newsletter named Pitch Forks that goes out every late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. Here’s a small taste of what Pitch Forks contained this week:

—A detailed explanation of what exactly Power & Light’s restaurant week is. Since it’s not worth explaining in its own blog post I’ll do my best in two sentences here. Basically 13 Power & Light Restaurants are offering pre-fixes menus for one week but with the same mediocre food choices as they always have. The only one that looked remotely interesting was Raglan Road’s menu which is a “Tour of Ireland” in six courses. (All the other restaurants are three courses or less.)

—I included information from Martini Corner Bar The Drop’s owner Eddie Crane on his split with Blanc + Burgers the gist of which is everything is currently amicable.

—Two upcoming wine tastings in town with two very different themes. More on the one at Cellar Rat later in the week.

—Happy Hour Information on Harry’s Bar and Tables in Westport Bar, long an industry hang-out spot.

That just an overview. For the full thing next time sign up here.

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