What Twitter is good for: restaurants!

Few things are better than hot baked goods. Especially hot doughnuts and cookies just out of the oven. But it’s hard to know when a bakery has such treats. Krispy Kremes turn on a neon light when their doughnuts are coming out, but even then you have to be driving by to see it. Calling a bakery every 10 minutes is unrealistic, and so is expecting that bakery to update a Web site dozens of times a day.

Enter Twitter.

A baker can’t call 200 customers individually to tell them he’s closing in 10 minutes and all pastries are half off, but he can Tweet it. As the Kogi Taco Truck in Los Angeles has learned by Tweeting its location for the night, using the technology can draw people who otherwise wouldn’t have known where the hell it was.

One man in England has already taken it to the next level by introducing BakerTweet

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