What food-related malady would you cure?

  • The Good Gatsby
  • Even if we solve brain freeze, ice cream might still come with a few risks.

There is an entire drugstore aisle devoted to food disagreements: those unhappy outcomes resulting from devouring foods that you love but which choose to not return the favor. I have a long-standing love-hate dynamic with Sriracha sauce. I can’t get enough. It can’t get away from me fast enough.

With Gizmodo suggesting that science may have finally uncovered the secret behind our ice-cream headaches – the rapid dilation of an artery in your brain that causes more blood to flow to your brain, which then registers the increased pressure as pain.

Now that science has helped define the “brain freeze” phenomenon, I’m wondering what you would tackle next. I’d rooster-proof my stomach. What food-related malady would you cure?

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