What food company do you wish you could buy stock in?

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  • Yelp belongs to the masses on Friday.

As of this Friday, you can go from merely commenting on Yelp to being part owner of the company. Yelp Inc.’s initial public offering comes to market, five months after Groupon began trading on Nasdaq.

Whether you invest in an online review site is to be determined in a different forum from this one, but let’s play Lemonade Stand for a minute and pretend you’re a fledgling virtual tycoon with the power to trade in any food-related company. I know some people lament that they spend their entire paycheck at Whole Foods (stock symbol: WFM) or feel like they’ve helped build the Chipotle (CMG) empire. What food company or restaurant — regardless of whether its publicly traded or owned — do you wish you could buy a piece of today?

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