Wet Leg transformed from charmingly scrappy to fully rocking at the Truman

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Wet Leg. // photo by Nick Spacek

Wet Leg
with Faux Real
The Truman
Tuesday, December 6

Since their self-titled debut came out earlier this year, England’s Wet Leg has been touring nearly nonstop, and Tuesday’s show at the Truman bore that out. The band’s songs were tight as a drum, and the show wasn’t what one might expect from an act with only one full-length to their name, as Wet Leg’s performance took the goofy looseness of the album and turned those songs into brash anthems.

Despite a setup which featured fairly small amps, the sound was pretty huge, and the songs were transformed from charmingly scrappy to fully rocking, especially on “I Don’t Wanna Go Out.” Rhian Teasdale’s voice in between songs was barely audible—we think she might have said something about having some trouble with her voice—and Hester Chambers didn’t speak or sing hardly at all. The vocals were also pretty low in the mix, but unsurprisingly, the crowd readily filled in whenever necessary, especially on singles such as “Wet Dream” or “Ur Mum” and its iconic primal scream. Obviously, the closer was the massive summer hit, “Chaise Longue,” and it left the audience sweaty and exhausted just a little less than an hour after the band started.

The openers, Faux Real, were a duo who danced and bounced around the stage while singing to a backing track, but the sheer energy made up for the lack of any sort of stage show otherwise. Their electro-dance fell into a Venn diagram somewhere between Devo and Haysi Fantayzee, and was pretty catchy. It certainly helped that the pair twice hopped the barricade to go into the crowd, and the first time saw them followed by an audience member who then proceeded to grind on Faux Real and hump the stage. It was delightful.

All photos by Nick Spacek

Wet Leg

Wet Leg setlist
Being in Love
Wet Dream
I Don’t Wanna Go Out
Oh No
Ur Mum
Piece of Shit
Too Late Now
Chaise Longue

Faux Real

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