We’re taking a year off from the Pitch Music Showcase and Awards

This time last year, we were mapping out the details of the 18th annual Pitch Music Awards, having instituted some big changes. We started with a different, more concentrated ballot — 15 categories — and a change in the showcase format.

It was fun. It was awesome. We had a great time. 

But as we began planning the 2015 Pitch Music Awards, we realized that the goal of the showcase and the ballot — which had always been about devoting attention to our sprawling, massively talented local music community — was not coming through as clearly as we wanted it to. We wanted to further refine the PMAs and everything connected to it. 

And now it’s summer, and we find ourselves not yet done figuring out every way we’d like to improve KC’s premier grassroots, all-local music showcase and awards.

Which is why we’re taking this year off: no Pitch Music Awards or Pitch Music Showcase in 2015.

Next year, though, you can expect something bigger and better — but just as local as ever. 

Until then, keep an eye out for our annual Best of Kansas City issue, in October. Expect to see lots of space dedicated to Kansas City music. And, as always, stay tuned here on the blog and every week in print. 

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