We’re all just burger Jedis

If you’ve ever felt something pulling you off Wornall Road and into the drive thru, it might just be the McForce.

The blog Weather Sealed has put together the above infographic to explain the attraction of a freshly made burger in terms we can all understand:

Wrap that concept in a Star Wars motif — set in the present day, with the second-tier burger chains as

the rebels — each, by themselves, without mutual aid and battling the 12,000-plus restaurant McEmpire.

The idea was to look at expansion strategies in light of where burger chains are clustering and prospering over McDonald’s. So while the Golden Arches are prevalent on the coasts, Sonic has a strong presence in the Midwest. The lack of a dominating McDonald’s presence in Kansas City might finally explain the explosion of small burger chains, each seeking to carve out its meat-laden niche in the area.

[Image via Weather Sealed]

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