Welcome to McDonald’s! This call may be monitered for quality purposes.

One of the rites of teenage passage is working in a fast-food restaurant. I did it, many of my friends did it, and even Rahm Emanuel did it. Charlie Bell climbed the rungs at McDonald’s from a teenage fry cook to CEO by the time he was 42.

As in the Army, if you get in young and stay long enough, fast food can be a lucrative career. Also, it’s one of the few careers you’d think would be immune to outsourcing. But if fast-food restaurants have their way, the person taking your order at the drive-through could be on a different continent.

It’s hard to believe, but drive-throughs are starting to be outsourced. Burger giant Jack-in-the-Box (of which, thankfully, there are none in Kansas City) has been trying out the program in Charlotte, North Carolina, for several months, with other chains watching the results.

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