Weird Al Names the Top 9 Underrated Funny Songs

Cracked got “Weird Al” Yankvoic to do them a list (yet another in their seemingly endless series of lists), in which he names “The 9 Most Underrated Funny Songs.” He is rewarded by having his last name misspelled “Yankovich” every time it appears.

That being said, it’s an intriguing list — while it contains Dr. Demento staples like Napoleon XIV and Barnes & Barnes, the songs chosen are tunes even I’ve never heard of, and I thought I had every novelty comp on the face of the planet. The other choices are a roaming selection of songs from the likes of the Tubes and Todd Rundgren.

My choice for most underrated funny song? The Rotters’ “Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks.”

Anything you’d like to see added to the canon?

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