Weary Kansas drivers will know where to buy Naughty Neighbors

The sex industry is facing hard times due to Internet freebies (just like newspapers!), but count a win for sex shops in Kansas where Attorney General Steve Six won’t appeal a district court ruling that blocked the enforcement of a law outlawing adult entertainment businesses from advertising on the Sunflower State’s highways.

“Given the state’s budget challenges, it would be fiscally

irresponsible to continue litigation that has very little chance of

success,” Six said in a statement. “This agreement avoids unnecessary

litigation costs and prevents taxpayers from being on the hook for the

plaintiff’s attorney’s fees.”

This won’t sit well with the National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families. But the Lion’s Den, the porn chain that brought the suit, gets to keep its signs but can’t collect attorney’s fees. The state of Kansas won’t waste taxpayer money on a law likely to be struck down as unconstitutional. And truckers will know where they can buy the latest issue of Tittie Time.


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