We tried the new “JLo Glow” facial and it was a thing of beauty

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Glorified product shot. // Courtesy Michael Mackie

Jennifer Lopez is, I think, around 86 years old. She’s been creating hit songs and starring in hit movies for, like, forever. 

The stunning octogenarian is also renowned for her luminescent complexion. A perpetual dewy glow, if you will. So, when Lopez announced that her beauty brand, JLo Beauty, was unveiling a new product to help recreate that glossy glow, mere mortals (and this writer) began to lose their minds. 

Yes, you read correctly. Lopez has joined forces with Hydrafacial to ensure the general public no longer has dull, lifeless skin. She’s helped craft a treatment “booster” that’s designed to make you the envy of all your zombie-faced friends. 

The magical elixir (which JLo has referred to as her “secret weapon”) recently arrived in Kansas City earlier this month, so naturally, I had to try it out—and share said results.

When I stumbled into Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, owner Dr. Amber Botros was practically giddy for me to be her first guinea pig. She had just gotten her booster shipment a few days before. (I’m not sure, but I think Dr. Botros keeps it in her clinic’s safe.) 

Not only did she tout the booster infuses powerful ingredients into your skin through HydrafacialMD Syndeo’s patented delivery system, she bragged the result is plump, hydrated, glowing skin. 

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A magic wand. // Courtesy Michael Mackie

She had me at hydrated. Also, glowing. Plump, not so much.

But what the hell, I was determined to be radiant. “The booster is derived from JLo’s coveted holy grail serum,” says Dr. Botros. “It’s just a mere $60 add-on to the Signature HydraFacialMD.”

My aesthetician Olivia—who oddly asked me if I, too, was in my 80s—started by cleansing my face whilst waving HydraFacial’s patented “magic wand” across my skin. “I have pores big enough to fall into,” I told Olivia. She didn’t disagree but told me the device would allow the serum to penetrate better. Extractions soon followed as Olivia switched gears and used a suction tip to “remove debris” from my pores.

It felt like a really aggressive cat licking my face. A painless, but odd sensation.  

“Gurl, when do we get to the JLo Beauty Booster?” I demanded to know. 

Olivia informed me there were several other steps before we got to the JLo à go-go portion of the facial—including an exfoliating peel, a mini-shoulder massage, and slathering of intense moisturizers designed to soften my seemingly petrified skin.

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Baking in LED red light therapy. // Courtesy Michael Mackie

Finally, it was time for Olivia to anoint my face with JLo’s Beauty Booster.

The ingredient list was a proprietary blend of olive-leaf extract, something called niacinamide, and other sundry items. While I couldn’t quite place the scent, it smelled faintly of almond extract. While the goo was seeping into my face, Olivia hit me up with some LED red-light therapy which helped propel the serum even further into my skin—and likely down to my soul.

I sat and baked for about 10 minutes, not unlike an almond croissant. Olivia added one more infusion of the hydrating serum and topped everything off with SPF before relishing in her handiwork. 

In a word, the results were impressive. Readily impressive. 

I’ll be damned if I didn’t look like the new Jan Brady, or as I like to call her, JBra. My skin soaked everything in and for several glorious hours, I was just as—if not more—ethereal than JLo.

As I was headed to a philanthropic event that night, I did have to blot my face a bit so as not to look like an oil slick. (I will say I looked hella-good in pictures that evening.) Even better? My pores have shrunk. My skin tone has evened out. And my Sahara desert-dry skin no longer feels patchy to the touch. 

JLo, when you read this—and I know you will, gurl—just know I’m a fan of your newest product. I’m sold—and for me to say that takes a village. (Also, I know you’re not 80. Don’t sue me. Bless.)

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