We smell bullshit: Operation Rescue wants to buy Tiller’s clinic

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Maybe Operation Rescue president Troy Newman was just relaying a pipe dream when he told media outlets that his anti-abortion group wants to buy the now-closed clinic of slain abortion provider George Tiller.

No one close to the Tiller family has said the clinic is for sale. Besides, why would Tiller’s family sell his building, the site of his life’s work — the place where he was tormented by protesters who screamed names at him and chained themselves to the gates; a building that was bombed and Tiller defiantly rebuilt, vowing never to quit in the face of intimidation — to an anti-abortion group? We’re not buying it, especially after reading comments from Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat. “I’m just not going to respond to every irreverent publicity stunt or comment by these extremists,” Monnat told the Associated Press.

But Monnat’s comments haven’t stopped practically every news station and newspaper in the state from running Newman’s suggestion as if it were the gospel truth. We call bullshit.

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