Wayward Weekender: American Waste

In the beginning was the Cruz.

And the Cruz was with Satan, and the Cruz was Satan.

This perversion of the first verse of the Gospel of John pretty well sums up my experience of day one of American Waste this past Saturday upon the newly refurbished, hallowed grounds of the Beaumont Club.

The festival ran Saturday and Sunday, dividing around 40 hardcore and metal bands between two stages, one inside and one set up outside in the “Back Yard,” a clean, sunny lot of new grass where the Westport Beach Club used to hold volleyball tournaments and serve as a litterbox for neighborhood cats.

Speaking of cats, black-maned rock puma Stevie Cruz was the man of the hour late in the afternoon when his bands Hammerlord and the (recently reunited) Esoteric took the stage for quick, almost-back-to-back sets before small crowds inside the club.

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