Wayward Q&A: Crackin’ Nuts with Nathan Reusch

Nathan Reusch knows the music business.

The man behind the local record label, The Record Machine caught up with me via e-mail and answered a few questions about local music, the music he likes and the music he’s producing.

The Pitch:
Where are you from?
Nathan Reusch: I have lived my whole life within two hours of Kansas City. I grew up in Ottawa, Kansas and moved here when I was eleven and then moved away to college for a year but hated it and came right back. I love this city and always struggled with the idea that I would never find it as good as I have it here.

How do you stay up on new music?
I don’t know if I should admit all my hiding places because I spend so

much time reading and keeping up with music. I will admit most of it is

online but I love magazines like Paste, Magnet, and Under The Radar when I can get my hands on them and of course, Wayward Blog. But RSS and Twitter have made it super

easy for me to keep up on stuff I find interesting. I am trying to be an

encyclopedia of current indie music.

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