Wayward Q&A: Crackin’ Nuts with Darren Welch of In the Pines and Midwestern Musical Co.

Darren Welch has seen a thing or two.

Todd Zimmer

Currently playing bass in chamber-folk ensemble In the Pines, Welch also is a co-owner of Midwestern Musical Company. I caught up with him via e-mail talked about art, the economy and the Kansas City Sound.

The Pitch: Where are you from?

Darren Welch: I am from Kansas City. I lived in Lawrence from 1988 to ’94. I went there to go to school and quickly found out that my interests were geared more towards “unsupervised living” than scholastics. I indeed had a thirst, but not for knowledge. Since then, I have lived in KC.

How do you keep up with new music?

I worked at Streetside Records for eight years and I’ll never have my finger on the pulse of music the way I did in that period, but I still try to keep up mainly through friends and the Internet. I frequent some blogs, MySpace and Last.fm. There’s still nothing like hearing a song for the first time that you know immediately will find a place on your musical palette for the rest of your life.

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