Wayward Exclusive: Download the Making Movies/Minimal split EP free

Ready for something completely nuevo? ‘Cause I doubt you’ve heard anything like Minimal. The Spanish-singing Miami band fuses acoustic guitars, electronic sounds and massive drum escapades into charging, near-epic brews that call to mind bands like Gomez and Muse. Check out the videos for the intricate but hefty “El Cubo” and the riff-slugging “No Sonar.” and see if you aren’t impressed. Minimal’s name, it seems, is quite misleading.

Because, evidently, the citizens of Kansas City have been good boys and girls of late, Minimal is coming to the Czar Bar this Saturday, August 29, on the heels of a split EP release with local homeboys Making Movies. Regular readers of The Pitch — and attendees of our recent local music awards ceremony — should already be familiar with this self-described “new wave salsa” outfit. Hewing closer to their Latin roots than Minimal, Making Movies spins out swirling, percussive, guitar-driven progressions that ride danceable salsa grooves until taking off into atmospheric rock crescendos. This band’s name, actually, is quite fitting.

The two bands met through MySpace Latino’s En Tu Ciudad Tour and are about to play a few Midwestern dates before hitting Florida together in November. With any luck it’ll snowball, because these bands deserve to be heard.

The Wayward Blog is pleased and honored to be the first to bring you that Making Movies/Minimal Split EP for free. Get it at the link below

ZIP: Making Movies/Minimal Split EP


1. Libertad (Making Movies)

2. Satelite (Minimal)

3. Perro Borracho (Making Movies)

4. El Caos (Minimal)

Get on the Guestlist: If you like what you hear and wanna come check out the bands live this Saturday at the Czar Bar, e-mail jason.harper@pitch.com with a good reason why you and a guest should get in free. The first to respond with a snappy, convincing reason will get their name +1 on the guestlist.

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