Watch The Greeting Committee perform for The Pitch’s Best of KC 2020 party

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Photo courtesy of the Greeting Committee

This year is complicated and bad. I think we can all agree that we would prefer literally any other timeline’s version of Earth 2020. But we’re all trying to make our own way forward.

In Normal World, last night would have been the huge gala event known as our Best of KC party. We would have been dressed to The Nines in a gigantic venue with all our friends. Well, that party moved to Zoom this year. We still dressed to The Nines, albeit without the requirement of wearing pants, because who could tell?

One of the highlights of our evening was a drop-in performance by Best of KC winning band The Greeting Committee, whomst we all would die for, if so-called upon.

If you missed the show last night, well, check it out right here:

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