Wanna play? Alex Vincent talks Andy Barclay, a truck full of haunted dolls, and the new season of Chucky


Alex Vincent. // Photo by Anna Perry-Rushton

Decades of movie-goers have been plagued by the laughter and horrific machinations of the doll with a serial killer soul, Chucky. The Child’s Play antagonist saw a pretty decent reboot film a few years back, and has now taken new victims on a Syfy / USA Network TV series, appropriately named Chucky.

With season two dropping today, we sat down with one of the small screen stars: actor Alex Vincent who plays Andy Barclay.

We chatted about his music obsessions and what his character intends to do with a semi-truck full of homicidal Good Guys.

The Pitch: You’re a huge fan of Michael C. Hall’s band, Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum. How many times have you seen them live and what are your favorite songs?

Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum has been incredibly inspirational to me, and I am a huge fan of all three of those outstandingly talented dudes. Difficult to pick a favorite song… but perhaps “Ketamine” is the most powerful piece of expression to me from their catalog. I hope they continue to put out music and perform. The four times I’ve seen them live have all been magical.

Child’s Play is a scary movie/franchise about inanimate objects coming to life. Was any part of the filming process scary for you?

Chucky has tapped into your inherent fear of the inanimate coming to life, with nefarious intentions no less. For me, my perspective was never quite so imaginative. I knew from the start of this project, that it would be our responsibility to exploit those fears. Nothing about the process was, in fact, scary at all from our side of the camera. 

When we last saw your character Andy Barclay in the season finale of Chucky, he had commandeered the truck full of Chucky dolls, but then Tiffany showed up and took you hostage. Is this where we will pick up this season?

Season 2 does in fact pick up exactly where we left off in season one, from Andy’s perspective. His fate is in perilous question, as he speeds towards the airport with a truck full of demonic dolls with devious intentions. What happens next will hopefully be an exciting and chilling experience for you as the audience, and I certainly have no interest in spoiling any of that for you.

You and Christine Elise do a podcast called Chucky Talks. What’s it about and where can people find it? 

Christine Elise is a very dear friend and as much of a sister to me as she is to my character on the show. Working together many years later is truly a pleasure for us both. Our podcast, Chucky Talks, really came about from our appreciation for Don Mancini’s incredible storytelling, and the masterful work of everyone involved in the cast and crew. Besides being a part of this story for so many years as performers, we are also incredibly impressed spectators of this beautifully dark tale. 

What is in store for Andy this season? And what is your favorite memory from the filming of this season?

While I certainly do not want to divulge any of what’s to come for Andy, I can tell you that my favorite memory of filming is the rare opportunity to work alongside such talented and kind friends.

Do you have any other projects lined up you’d like to promote?

I always work on one creative project or another, mostly out of my recording studio in Clearwater, Florida. I rarely perform in front of the camera, but I always strive to share my creativity in one way or another.

You can follow Alex Vincent’s career via his Instagram.

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