Wandering Bud to expand studio space this spring

Wandering Bud Ceramicists. Chase Castor For The Pitch

Wandering Bud ceramicists. // Photo by Chase Castor

Kansas City’s own Wandering Bud is expanding their studio space for in-person shopping hours and more room to craft their unique ceramic pieces. They are expected to open in April 2023.

For those unfamiliar, founder Riley Brain created Wandering Bud to offer an aesthetic variety to pipes and smokeware.

Until 2023, Wandering Bud’s Troost studio proved to be too small for their expanding business and ambitious plans to bring in the new year.

“We’re just very cramped,” Brain says regarding the expansion. “I even have things in the basement of my house that I wish we had here but don’t have the space for them.”

Brain describes the decision to expand as a “natural moment” with the neighboring artist moving out. While their physical space is adapting, new business changes can also be expected.

“We are planning on using the front area of the space as a little storefront. I’m hoping to have it up by 4/20 time,” says Brain. 

With ample room for more inventory, customers can expect a resurgence of pieces in “hibernation,” such as the Blossom or the Millie.

For those wanting to be involved in the growth of Wandering Bud, there is now a Patreon subscription with varying tiers of support. “We have four different tiers starting at $4 a month, going all the way up to $50 a month, and each tier has different benefits. For $4 tier, you’re really getting behind the scenes. We have a close friends Instagram story group,” says Brain.

Those in higher-paying tiers can expect a yearly ceramic piece mailed to them and even opportunities to purchase customized pieces.  

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