Wal-Mart taking aim at the Girl Scout cookie market?

The recent surge in generic brand sales naturally would lead to conflict with established, name brands — but who knew the first shot would be fired at the Girl Scouts?

C.V. Harquail, a former “Cookie Mom” and current blogger, was dismayed to see that Wal-Mart was beta-testing mint-chocolate and peanut-butter-chocolate cookies at the recent BlogHer Conference in Chicago. She worried that Wal-Mart was going to enter into direct competition with the Girl Scouts, threatening the organization’s ability to raise money. She leads off her post on Authentic Organizations with a strongly worded accusation:

“Just when you think your opinion about Walmart might be changing …

just when you think that maybe, just maybe, Walmart was learning to be

a better citizen … Walmart turns around and does something really

despicable. It’s not discriminating against

women, strong-arming suppliers, polluting neighborhoods or racing to

the bottom of the China Price. No, this time, it’s closer to home, and

in my case, really close to home. This time … Walmart is knocking off

the Girl Scouts.”

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