Walk It Off

Boy, Kansas City sure is faaaaat. Unless, of course, KC is skinny. Because according to the past few years of Men’s Fitness health studies, both seem true. Our city’s composite waistline has fluctuated as wildly as Eddie Murphy in a fat suit. The simple solution — a pedometer — is being handed out for free today at 10 a.m. at Shelter 4 in Swope Park (Meyer Boulevard and Swope Parkway). The giveaway kicks off the Southeast Community Center’s new program called Walking Community on the Move. Participants of all ages will receive both the step counter and enrollment in a 10-week seminar on how to stay fit, improve energy and fight heart disease. A rally for finishers — probably sans cake and ice cream — will happen in early November, proving that you can walk a lot more in this town than you think, if you’re willing to take the stairs. Contact Alan Schmelzle at KC Parks and Recreation at 816-513-7657 to enroll.

Sat., Sept. 6, 10 a.m., 2008