Waldo Pizza opens new ‘ghost kitchen’ in the Crossroads

Waldo Pizza is opening a new location. // Courtesy Waldo Pizza

The beloved community restaurant Waldo Pizza is opening a new location in the Crossroads. The new location will be a “ghost kitchen,” so there won’t be any seating for dine-in. The restaurant hopes that opening this new location will give them the opportunity to reach new customers and keep their loyal fans happy.

Our newest location will make it easier for us to serve our loyal customers in a timely manner with greater accuracy and personalized care,” says the restaurant in their new location announcement.

The ghost kitchen will be at 16th and Campbell. Customers will be able to order online, and there is a potential for phone orders in the future. They are also working with food delivery services for orders out of this specific location. This is an addition to their own delivery service, so the kitchen will be able to get out more orders.

Sadly, there hasn’t been an opening day set, so the eager anticipation can build. They are in the early stages of development but have promised to keep fans informed through their Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

The restaurant has two other locations that are open for business. Their dine-in restaurant is located on Broadway Street and their other carry-out only Pizza Express is in Overland Park.

Waldo’s has made pizzas, salads, pasta, and sandwiches in Kansas City for over 30 years. Of course food is their specialty, but their commitment to engaging with the community is what makes them a KC staple.

They have started hosting different events like bingo night and live performances, so people can sit with their friends, enjoy the entertainment, and have a hot slice. 

They also offer specialty deals for events that they know will have pizza on the menu. For example, they had their neighbors covered for the Super Bowl, offering 20% off orders made in advance.

Waldo’s was even voted Best Pizza (single location) in the Best of KC 2022

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for their new location opening day announcement and any new information, but fingers crossed we won’t have to wait too long.

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