Waldo Area Business Association hosts 30th anniversary celebration

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Sam Gromowsky cuts ribbon in celebration of Waldo-based businesses with 30+ years of operation // Photo by Andrew Windish

Wednesday, Sept. 14, the Waldo Area Business Association and the community congregated at the SE parking lot of Gregory & Wornall in celebration of Waldo Businesses that have been in operation for over 30+ years. This celebration held a Ribbon cutting ceremony with cookies and mingling to help kickstart Waldo’s Fall Festival 30th Anniversary.

The Waldo District, stretching along Wornall Road from Gregory to 85th St., houses about 300 businesses, with some of Kansas City’s favorite restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and services.

Current President of the Waldo Area Business Association President, Angela Braun, began the ceremony by addressing and thanking the community leaders at the event for their dedication to the Waldo community.

“Being a business owner, I understand that it takes tremendous determination, grit and passion to serve your community for 30 plus years,” says Braun. 

Each business owner in attendance was able to mingle and speak about their contribution to the city and its impact they have had in working with the community over the years. Some being in the community for only 30, some for over 100 years. 

In attendance at the ceremony was Sam Gromowsky, CEO of Almar Printing, whose company is currently celebrating 50+ years of business in Waldo. “We started [the fall festival] just 30 years ago with the idea of bringing attention to Waldo,” says Gromowsky. “To us, Waldo is home. I do urge you to talk to your city council people and tell them how important Waldo is to the city.”

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony served as a precursor to this weekend’s events at Waldo’s 30th Annual Fall Festival on Sat. 17 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The event will be hosted at Gregory & Wornall Rd parking lot. 

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