Vote for Change

I’ve got an idea. Let’s shit-can the political debates this year. After all, isn’t everyone tired of listening to these guys yet? Instead, how about we put partisan musicians up there? Something tells me that Alice Cooper going all Point/Counterpoint with Barbra Streisand (“Babs, you ignorant slut …”) or the Boss trading tit for tat with Toby Keith (“Sir, I’ve jammed with Bob Dylan, and you are no Bob Dylan …”) would be a hell of a lot more entertaining. Truth is, partisan alliances are now extending further into mainstream music than ever before. Whereas it used to be enough just to try to mobilize America’s voting youth in an effort to “Rock the Vote,” musicians now throw their weight behind efforts such as Vote for Change, a romp with Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Keb’ Mo’ that clearly picks sides in an election year. It makes you wonder when we’ll be able to get rid of the middlemen and put musicians on the ballot. Bruce in 2008!

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