Video: “Weird Al” Yankovic with 75% of the Pixies, “I Bleed” (live)

That may have been an unnecessarily long headline. But, still — how flipping cool is this? The Winston Calling benefit concert benefited Winston’s Village, a charity started by the family of Winston Bertrand, this kid who was born with two amazingly rare disorders.

There were scads of performances, with the usual odd team-ups and covers this sort of thing inspires, but the video below is from the night’s big moment: “Weird Al” Yankovic, backed by Black Francis, Joey Santiago, and Dave Lovering of the Pixies and Violet Clark on bass doing the Pixies’ classic “I Bleed.” And it’s totally straight, and kind of amazing.

The audio is a little off on the vocals at the start, but keep with it, and you’ll get your mind blown.

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